Doctor Omega

Doctor Omega is a scientist and inventor of extraordinary ability, with long white hair topped by a wayward wisp, rather old-fashioned clothing and a walking stick. Using his very own time ship, the Galopin, he is now able to travel in time and space. He is given to irritability and a refusal to tolerate fools gladly but is open minded and courageous.

Miss Amelia Midnite

We meet her in the guise of a cultivated and self assured English aristocrat and aviatrix heroine of the Roaring Twenties. But she is so much more – a young woman of mystery on the run in time and space from a mysterious enemy. A fearless adventurer, she is her own woman, masterful with men. She boasts combat skills and while no scientist, she is a capable engineer having designed and built her own aircraft and spacecraft, The Midnite Express.

The Galopin

The fantastical time ship standing some ninety feet tall invented by Doctor Omega in early 19th Century France. Amongst the essential accommodation and control room, this extraordinary craft boasts a library and greenhouse.

Doctor Omega ~ Origins

He first sprang to life from the imagination of writer Arnould Galopin in 1906. He was a fairly prolific writer, and Doctor Omega, now in the Public Domain, was only one of his creations. In his story, the Doctor, his assistant, Fred and his neighbour, Denis Borel, travel in the Doctor’s spaceship, the Cosmos, to Mars. There they encounter the bizarre Martians, get involved in a war and finally manage to return home. Galopin was from the town of Marbeuf in Normandy, and so was his character. Galopin wrote a number of novels after this, but never brought back Doctor Omega. The similarity that Doctor Omega bore to the first Doctor, played by William Hartnell – long white hair, rather old-fashioned clothing, walking stick – and a rather arrogant and belligerent manner was first noted by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

John Peel

Chief writer
John Peel was born in Nottingham, home of Robin Hood. Since then, he’s so far written over a hundred books. His latest works are the new adventures of Doctor Omega, in collaboration with artist Andrew Skilleter on this ongoing series.

John has written novelisations of Doctor Who TV stories featuring the Daleks, working closely wit their creator, Terry Nation, as well as original stories for the good Doctor, and also original tales of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. He’s penned novels based on shows like Star Trek and The Outer Limits, as well as an original novel of TV’s The Avengers (recently made into an audio play from Big Finish).

John has created his own fantasy worlds – Diadem and Dragonhome and written numerous other novels for adults, young adults and children.