The Target Art Calendar 2018

Our designer, Rob Moss, who’s been responsible for all of the Who Dares output to date, gives a personal insight into the design of the Andrew Skilleter Target Art Calendar 2018

“Andrew and Matt decided that this year’s calendar needed to be slightly smaller than the 2017 one, so I took the opportunity to try out some new designs that would allow us to make the best use of the space. Whereas last year we had decided to present the artwork in as clean a format as possible, this time round, we decided to go for a design that reflected the book covers more closely.

I had already put together an authentic Target book homage for the Jeff Cummins portfolio earlier in the year, complete with Target Art logo inspired by the Bernard Lodge Diamond Logo design, so it made sense for the Target Art Calendar to reflect this. However, once we had decided on our final list of paintings, it quickly became clear that most of the books that these artworks had originally adorned actually featured Sid Sutton’s Neon Logo, so I created a Neon Target Art logo in the same style.

Each month’s painting features the appropriate Target Art logo, which also reflects the colour schemes and typography as used on the original books. I hope that fans of the Target books will feel that Andrew’s artwork has been treated sympathetically.

The 2018 Calendar is the first outing for the Power of Kroll cover painting since its use on the original book cover. Unfortunately the whereabouts of the original painting is unknown, but Andrew is rightly proud of it and was keen for it to be featured, so we scanned both paperback and hardback copies of the book, combined the two, and removed the text and logo digitally. It now takes pride of place at the beginning of the Calendar, but if you know of the whereabouts of the original artwork, do please let Andrew know!”

Rob Moss Designer September 2017

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